Benefits to listening to music


            There are many different ways to heal our bodies, but did you ever think that listening to music could be one of them? Well it is. I had noticed myself that when listening to music, my body was at ease, and even if I was feeling sick, or in pain it would always make me feel better. Surprisingly, there are actually science backed health benefits to music, and an article for lists about 20 of them. Music can help you both physically and mentally. After reading their list, I thought I’d make my own based off of my experiences with music.

  1. Dealing with anxiety: As a first year college student, I had never been exposed to such high intensity work, and such a quick paced learning environment, it was awfully hard for me to keep up and I begun to develop anxiety. I really didn’t know how to cope with it, until I learned that music could actually help with this. According to an article on music soothes anxiety, and helps with pain. The reason being that music takes focus away from the anxiety.
  2. Elevate my mood: Everyone has those days where you just want to lay in bed all day, and just don’t really want to talk to anyone, but most of us can’t do that. Music has a way of making us feel better, and evidence in an article for shows this. Music makes us happier, by causing us to breathe faster, which is a physical sign of happiness.
  3. Reduce stress: I don’t know one person that lives a stress free life, people will stress about the littlest things and it’s important to remember that music can help us cope with this. states that the reason music reduces stress is due to the decreased levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone.
  4. Help me study: As stated in a previous blog, music helps us concentrate, making it easier to study. According to UNC Charlotte and University City, music causes our minds to relax and our mind enables us to concentrate better.
  5. Improve my sleep/help me fall asleep: For a while, I thought I suffered with insomnia, then I realized I just had trouble falling asleep. According to, Music is actually one of the factors that can improve the length and quality of your sleep, this is because music raises the noise floor, it’s better organized, and it pairs well with relaxation exercises such as sleeping.
  6. Help me workout: As stated before, in one of my previous blogs music helped me work out. It made me more motivated, the pace of my running would increase, and my feet even felt lighter. According to studies conducted by the Max Planck Institute, this is because it distracts you from the exhaustion caused by working out.

Music has amazing abilities, and these are just some of the ways music has improved my quality of life. I hope that my readers take some of these tips and incorporate music into your daily routines to make life a little easier.


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